The Playhouse {Beta Tester}

The Playhouse is designed to help parents and caregivers plan simple, play-based activities for children ages 2-5.

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Spend quality time with your kids while making learning fun!

Every month you’ll get a calendar with daily activities delivered right to your inbox. Plus you’ll get access to our membership site where you can choose past themes to teach at any time.

About Our Activities


Hands-on learning is exactly as it says…hands ON! Children at this age learn best through concrete manipulation of objects. All of our activities use hands-on materials. No worksheets!

Easy to Follow

Get all the activities laid out on a simple calendar followed by step-by-step directions on how to set up the activity. Then simply let your child explore.

Uses Everyday Items

Who wants to make a long list of materials and shop before doing activities with their child? Not me! Most activities can be done with materials found around the house.

One Activity a Day

The best way for a preschooler to learn is through free play. Most of our lessons are designed to be set up during free playtime, so your child can choose when they would like to do it. You can rest easy knowing that you only have to plan one activity a day.

Adaptable Lessons

Most lessons are adaptable to reach all ability levels and practice different skills.


Children learn best through play, plus it makes learning fun. Most of our activities are designed to set out during your child’s free playtime, so it doesn’t feel like learning at all.

We’ve tried to make our lesson plans easy to follow and provide you with all the information to help you confidently plan activities.

Each lesson plan includes:

  • A materials checklist
  • A summary of the skills used
  • Extension questions you can ask your child
  • Step by step instructions

If the lesson requires it, you will also find:

  • Directions on how to prep the activity
  • How to make the lesson more challenging
  • How to make the activity easier
  • How to change the activity to practice different skills

Plus Bonuses:

Locked In Discount

As a beta tester, you get first access to all of our monthly releases and you’ll be able to give your feedback each month helping make this the best preschool program out there. Plus you also get a 50% discount on our yearly membership. The $45/year is locked in and will never increase.

Holiday Unit Studies

Over the next year, we will be releasing holiday-themed unit studies with hands-on activities. Celebrate the holidays with week-long, play-based fun.

Exploring Letters

Our 26-week letter of the week curriculum. Focus on learning the sounds of each letter and how to form each letter correctly without a pencil.

Literacy & Math Bundles

Puzzles, clip cards, and other moveable pieces to help your preschooler learn numbers, letters, word families, rhyming words, shapes, and more. Over 20 printable activities.

Skills Checklist for Ages 2-5

Get a skills checklist for ages 2-5. Be sure your child is on track and always know what skills you need to focus on.

You Get:

  • 12 monthly themed calendars of play-based activities ($144 value)
  • Literacy, math, art, STEM, motor, and cooking activities every week
  • Holiday-themed lesson plans ($200 value)
  • Literacy & math printables bundle ($30 value)
  • Exploring Letters curriculum ($15 value)
  • Skills checklist for ages 2-5 ($9 value)

Get a full week of activities plus see samples from our bonus Literacy & Math Bundles by clicking here.

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Availability: 39 in stock